Ebook Myth Clarified – It Is The Right Choice For Aged Individuals.

There are numerous myths and misconceptions surrounding electronic books. This is preventing wider acceptance of this revolutionary technology. Let us consider a common complaint that aged individuals have about e books.

They find the idea of reading something on the computer screen odd. They prefer holding the paper book in their hands. That is when they feel they are reading a book. Efforts to manufacture digital paper which will enable individuals to turn pages of a digital book are ongoing. As the page is flipped, the text will move and the text on the next ‘page’ will come into focus. The idea of printing a fixed set of characters in a fixed space is more than four centuries old. It is high time this wasteful and backward approach is improved upon. E books render the entire concept obsolete. However, those who are not comfortable can opt for this more expensive but more comfortable option.

Electronic books offer many advantages for elderly and aged individuals that real books cannot. For starters, it is possible to improve the size of the font to suit one’s eyesight. This option is just not available in case of hardbound books. If the book has been printed in a small font, the individual has no option but to make use of specs to read the book. In case of electronic books, it would just be a question of increasing the digital magnification and the text will become readable.

Secondly, electronic books can be converted into audio books as well. This will open up learning opportunities even to those who have lost their eyesight. It is indeed surprising that so many preconditions are imposed on human body and mind to enjoy education and learning. All these problems can be avoided with the help of e books. The initial phase may require you to stretch out of your comfort zone. However, once this is done and once you become comfortable with e books, you will never go back to paper books.

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