Online Education Challenges – Conducting Reliable Exams In A Convenient Manner

Online education might have become very popular over the years. However, there is one aspect or area of education which continues to remain muddled. Examining students in a reliable and trustworthy manner is still evolving in online education courses. Traditional methods of examining students do not work online. Hence, it remains tough to determine whether the student – Has assimilated […]

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Online Education- Outsourcing And Purchase Of Homework- Worrying Trends

Online education has widely been recognized as the thing of the future. Yet, numerous criticisms and flaws are emerging as the concept moves from theory to practice. The internet was supposed to free the student from the physical limitations. Theoretically, it is now possible for a student in a 3rd world country to access quality education without traveling to a […]

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Are Reference Books Useful In Today’s World Of Internet And Ebooks?

Do reference books still possess any utility in a world where internet has become the world’s most preferred research option? People are using search engines to find answers to all their questions and are no longer interested in relying on bulky books. One may be encouraged by these changes to conclude that reference books are of no use whatsoever. Yet, […]

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